In the heart of the Seychelles

Aware of the beauty of the Seychelles, and of it’s fragility, we participate in the safeguard of our country.
Emilie, Director of Atoll Divers, despite her young age has already created projects and made documentaries on the Seychelles ecosystem as well as on remote islands.
With experience in NGOs, and training as a film producer in Australia, her ambition is to produce content that raises awareness of the fragility of the Seychelles.
It is quite possible that you will bump into her underwater with a camera in her hand!
As for the rest of the team, we take advantage of the days when you are not there to dive with us, to clean the beaches and dive sites.
On the boat, depending on the season, we will have you enjoy local fruits and even local cuisine if you opt for a lunch on board.
We love the idea of sharing Creole culture as much as possible with you.

Atoll divers was inspired by The Ocean Project, https://www.theoceanprojectseychelles.com to implement different actions into our program for the protection of our underwater ecosystem.
This is the reason why the club remains closed one day every three months, and organizes a clean up of dive sites.
Anyone who wants to volunteer is welcome.

Education is paramount

As part of the protection of young Seychellois who unfortunately tend to practice professional diving without training, and are subject to accidents, Atolls Divers opens its doors once a month with a course offered to all Seychellois or Seychellois residents with diving lessons to raise awareness of the risks in scuba diving, but also to raise awareness of the fragility of the ecosystem.
This course is intended for both local divers / fishermen, interested in learning decompression techniques, slow ascent and repetitive dives, as well as recreational divers who wish to learn about specific topics such as fish reproduction or equipment maintenance. The topic of freediving is also in scope.
Because we are convinced that diving is above all a deep knowledge of another form of evolution on earth, a complex science that becomes fascinating over the years, we pass on our knowledge and theory through this course.
This free and open format is above all an opportunity for us to meet you and make you aware of the practice of the activity.
A culmination in our profession, sharing and enriching our knowledge with you.
This course is given in English / French / Creole. Please contact us for the timetables. (+2482557409)
Don’t hesitate to ask in advance for a topic that interests.

Dive Clean Ups

Every three months we dedicate a day to cleaning 2 dive sites (chosen according to the team’s feedback on the status of the sites).
The Seychelles are among the best in the protection of natural resources, marine parks and dive sites of exceptional standard. However, it is essential today that private companies participate.
The concept is simple. With a guide, you participate in preserving the islands while accompanying the fish in their daily ballet. For a day, you will be provided with a bag and gloves to pick up anything that does not belong in the ocean.
The day usually ends with a barbecue and weighing the products collected to keep track of the data.

Pass on knowledge and passion

Dive Masters and Instructors of Atoll Divers are continuously trained to help you get the most out of your adventure.
Indeed, the guides update their training regularly, both in theory and in practice.
We ask them to sharpen their gaze to spot nudibranchs, mantis shrimp, sponge crabs, and also to share, on board, with you, their knowledge and the specifics of the spaces discovered.
Diving is a moment of shared experiences before submerging, whilst submerged and once out of the water too.
It is often fun to learn about octopus, stonefish or frogfish camouflage techniques and find them yourself afterwards.
On board you will find several encyclopedias devoted to the flora and fauna of the Indian Ocean.
So we invite you to sit down during the navigation and ask your guide for explanations on your next discovery.

Épave au fond de l'eau


Our diving equipment is made up of two different brands.

  • The bottles and the inflation system are from 2021 Coltri
  • The complete diving equipment is from 2021 and from Marque Mares.

Adaptable and of great quality, our equipment is periodically maintained and certified.
The inflation system is reviewed by a Coltri Certified technician.
Our Boat is taken out of the water every year, visited and cleaned. Yanmar 440 hp engines are periodically cleaned, drained, as well as the generator on board.
You will also find a freshwater tank to desalinate your equipment and dedicated lockers if you wish to leave your equipment with us.
Contact us by email or via Whatsapp for special requests (lamps, computers, underwater scooter.)