Wave 1 / Beginner Freediver

3 days

Join on us on this freediving introduction course.

Discover unique sensations exploring the Seychelles seabed by simply holding your breath.

The Molchanovs community, created by the elite of freedivers for freedivers, awaits you! Learn to gain control of your body and your breath during sessions at sea, in class, and in a swimming pool.

This three-day course designed for beginners will teach you how to go as deep as 20 meters. You will also  learn a variety of freediving and preparation techniques. At the end of the course, you will have gained the necessary knowledge and training to practice safely.

Once certified, you shall be able to access the Molchanovs online community and choose your mentor for personal training until the next step or until your next personal best.

This customizable two-day course includes:

  • Equipment rental
  • E-learning
  • Molchanovs Wave 1 certification
  • Classes in person
  • Pool sessions
  • Beginner sessions at sea