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Green turtle

Shy and graceful, its name comes from the color of its flesh.
It can reachup to 250 kg. Carnivore the herbivore, it travels throughout its life.
Once adult, they can stay more than 2 hours in apnea and go down to 50 meters.
The magnetic filed of the earth serves as a compass to find her birth range and lay their eggs there in turn.
In Seychelles, we see them every day underwater and sometimes even above.


Among the more than 500 species of ray, it is the most majestic.
She dances gracefully to swallow the plankton.
This ocean star can measure up to 6m50 and reach the age of 25.
Extraordinary, it is visible every year on the sites we offer.

Whale shark

The largest fish in the world. It filters food while swimming, and when it finds an area rich in food, it stays there for several hours. Despite its 9 meters, it remains rare.
Remote sites are the best option to enjoy it.

Gray shark

The gray reef shark (rules over coral reefs).
Specimens living in the western Indian Ocean are distinguished from others by a white rim on the tip of their fin or dorsal fin or fin.
The gray reef shark is considered near threatened, however in the Seychelles it is common to admire.

Napoleon Wrasse

Hermaphrodite, he begins his life as a female, then becomes male at the age of 15 and takes his bump above the eyes reminiscent of the emperor’s bicorne hat, which earned him to bear his name.
It has a primary regulatory role : it is one of the rare predators of the Acanthaster starfish, which can wreak havoc on coral reefs.

Will I see a whale shark?
Seychelles gives us the chance to see whale sharks all year round and especially in October, November and December.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept MasterCard and Visa cards as well as cash in Euro, Dollars, Seychelles Rupees.

What are the diving times?
Most of the time, we will meet you for a departure:

  • in the morning: at 8:30 am,
  • afternoon: at 1:00 p.m.

Do you offer night dives?
Yes, but only if the weather allows it

Do I have to pay extra for each long distance dive?
There is an extra fee for long distance and very long distance dives once per adventure. (if you go for two long distance dives you will pay a single extra fee.)

What makes Atoll Divers different?
Our passion has led us to design a boat especially for divers and which allows you to go to the most unexplored, inaccessible sites.

How many divers do you take on the boat?
Our boat can accommodate up to 20 divers, however we limit to 12 maximum for the sake of comfort and to be as close as possible to you.

Each group of maximum 4 divers is accompanied by a certified guide trained by Atoll Divers to discover the most beautiful species.

What is the temperature of the water?
The water temperature varies between 27C and 31C 😉